What's this thing called poetry?

Well, the poet, from the Greek poiētēs, "maker." A poem, from the Greek poiēma, a "creation." 

Good – a creation story. Let's roll with that and see where we go from there. 

The New Poet is a blog-format poetry journal dedicated to seeking possible answers to the question, What is poetry? We'll attempt to answer that question with nonfiction stories, interviews, field reports, and, of course, poetry.

How'd we get here? What's our creation story? The New Poet officially launched in January 2012, when its mission was to help find inspiration for myself and fellow writers to keep creating (there it is, this thing called creation) great poetry. Two years in, six issues, 60 poems later I thought this site could do more than just that – or at least attempt to do so.

Now, in the foothills of 2014, The New Poet will continue its original mission of seeking great poetry and inspiration from the fresh works of others, but we'll do more. 

Let's ask questions about the way poetry works on the page and in our lives; let's put more than words to the description of poetry. That is, I think, what it'd want.

David Svenson
Editor, Founder
The New Poet

About the Editor
My name is David Svenson. I earned my MFA in 2011 from Florida International University. Previously, I served as an editor of Gulf Stream Magazine and as an assistant editor of Portland Magazine. My poems have appeared in RougarouPoem, the Miami Poetry Collective's Cent Journal, and elsewhere. I live in northern New England and work as a writer and editor. 

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