The New Poet is not accepting submissions at this time. accepts ideas, drafted stories and interviews, and full-fledged, ready-to-publish work. What works? Have an idea of something you'd like to see here? Send me a note.

The New Poet works with conventional and unconventional topics as they relate to poetry. Nothing is too conspicuous or obscure to consider. The general rule of thumb is to ask, Does this further the identity of poetry? Yes? Let's go. No? Let's give it a shot. Hey, if we knew for sure what poetry was all about, we'd go create something else.

The New Poet would love to hear about an interview you have either already done or would like to perform and write about. Send ideas, drafts, or polished gems to tnpjournal AT 

Editorial, magazine features, event dispatches – you name it. If it covers poetry in a new way, or brings an otherwise isolated happening to the broader audience on TNP, let's talk. Send queries to 

The New Poet will continue publishing select poems throughout the year for its Issues. When submissions are open a link will appear here.

New and used, let's review books. Whether they come from your local bookstore or from your dust-laden shelves, The New Poet accepts reviews of books of poetry. Send queries to

Rights & Compensation
The New Poet reserves first North American rights to selected, published work. The New Poet cannot monetarily compensate writers at this time; all published work will carry the writers' proper bylines and brief bios, when appropriate. 

Let's Talk
Find The New Poet on Twitter. Email TNP at tnpjournal AT 

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