April 23, 2014

Kyle Solomon

Late August

The pink urban sound of cars
stall in rush-hour traffic.
The crickets don’t mind
they just tune-up and harmonize
with the humming-highways.

Those dark and quiet houses
across the street wait for a friend.
Miss Pot-of-Flowers,
Miss Peaceful-Summer,
What do people do when they close their doors at night?

These dwindling hours are white-bone church coffers
and the mourners of the sun stand in the dark
tossing coins at the sleepingcorpse of Lazareth.

Kyle Solomon is a proud Baltimorean and fresh graduate of Towson University. He was a former intern with the magazine and reading series Artichoke Haircut, and was also a recently featured poet at the Projection Speaker Series. He has previously published work by Indigo Rising Magazine, with forthcoming publication in the Free State Review.

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