April 1, 2014

Lauren Page


You hide it
as an act of altruism.

The reds, the
overlap. The
last color under the rainbow.
An under believed

you’ll come out as half
('cause to them,
you will never be whole).
"Dear, sweet brother,
I am the epitome
of half
your phobia."

The color of high-pitched sound waves, that is
your parents’ shrill, unsettling
A path to a fiery purple

Prince's hit song,
your mother cries.
Your father throws down his

Yet, you have nothing to repent.

Lauren Page is a junior at Virginia Tech University in Blacksburg, Virginia. She is studying microbiology, and on the pre-veterinary track. While she enjoys the sciences, writing is her first love and she is minoring in English literature. Lauren spends her time outside of class writing, hiking, working at a local veterinary clinic, and interning at the Blacksburg farmer’s market. There, she shares her love for fresh and local food with the community. This is her first publication and she is excited for you to have the opportunity to read her work.

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