April 21, 2014

Van G. Garrett

Frankie vs. Lionel

My barber knows more about sports
Than most players.

Clicking stats and facts
Like a set of 1930’s clippers—accurate and loud,

He leans over my partially-shaven face.
Rose-colored glasses, he swears

He knows more about musicians
Than most.

Cutting comments about Lionel Richie
Making more money than Frankie Beverly.

Remarking about how Lionel has more money
Than he knows what to do with.

Frankie’s having more hits
Than most professional baseball teams.

I recline in the chair.
He reaches for this month’s issue of Jet.

Gripping the cover, pointing out
His chosen crooner’s hair is jet black at 60.

Curls, a mound underfoot
Like tree-fallen Spanish moss,

I can tell he wants to sing
A song.

But doesn’t want to sacrifice
The cut.

Van G. Garrett appreciates boxing, photographing hummingbirds in Tuscany, and the trumpeted sounds of Miles Davis. A watch aficionado, Van is the author of Songs in Blue Negritude (poetry), ZURI: Selected Love Songs (poetry), and The Iron Legs in the Trees (fiction). His updates and appearances can be found at vanggarrettpoet.com.

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