April 10, 2014

William Aarnes


The first thing they 

do when they get home
is put the prescriptions
on the kitchen sill.

They decide to call
the lawyer tomorrow,
the kids on the weekend.
They’ll tell their friends
if they need to.

He insists
that, instead of eating out,
he’ll cook dinner.
He insists
he can drive alone
to pick up the scallops,
the Thai peanut sauce,
a bag of mixed greens.

They do the dishes together.
He tells her he wishes
they’d asked the doctor
about whether a person
who loses his memory
before he dies
can expect it back
in the afterlife.
She guesses that’s something
no doctor would know.

They wake the next morning,
surprised they have slept.

William Aarnes teaches at Furman University. Recent work has appeared in Gravel and FIELD.

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